Happy Clam Year!!

Happy New Year, Clamfolk! 
It’s been quite a busy fall - thought I would do a quick recap here as we head into 2016. The end of summer tour was a success, made it all the way back to Halifax…

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Middle of the Country Update

Alright, quick post here before Ariel and I peel out of the Prairies and head on to Ontario. The journey has been great so far - Robson Valley Festival was a total hoot - it was a great way to…Read more

A recap...of the whole country!

Hola amigos!! Here I am on the other side of the country in Golden, BC. The last time I wrote a blog post was when I left Nova Scotia...clearly it's been a good tour, as I've barely had time to…Read more

Album Fundraiser and Upcoming Tour!

Happy Spring everybody! It really is an amazing feeling to have survived such a crazy East Coast winter (apparently the worst anyone has ever seen in over 50 years!) and then come out the other side and see the flowers…Read more